Our Services

Swing Staging, the leading name in suspended scaffolding / hanging scaffolding in NYC offers the following services:

Job Estimates

Customers can arrange for a jobsite visit from any of our professional sales people. We’ll appraise you as to the right suspended or hanging scaffold equipment your jobsite requires.  Our field sales people have years of experience to guide you with the best options possible.  

On-Site Inspection

Customers can arrange for on-site inspections.  Our field personnel are very knowledgeable of all our equipment and different types of rigging.  For a quote and to make arrangements, call us at (718) 361-2861.

Service Calls

We can service your scaffolding equipment on-site. We can troubleshoot any mechanical or electrical problems affecting the performance of the equipment.  If you need a part, no problem, we will bring that part with us.  You need a replacement motor so there is no downtime on the jobsite?  Yes, we can do that too.  Call us for a quote: (718) 361-2861.

Motor and Equipment Repairs

We service our own equipment as well as that of our competitors. We have more than 12 fully-trained mechanics to perform timely repairs on your equipment at very competitive prices. We keep stock of more than 4,000 different parts to make sure your motors and equipment are repaired fast.  If the parts are not on stock, we have good relationships with the manufacturers that we can get these critical parts overnighted if you want.  We even have a 24-hour turn around time if you are in a rush.    

Not sure if you want your machine serviced?  Sure thing, we can do an estimate first for your peace of mind. 

Our team of highly-trained and certified mechanics to service any hoist model make or model. We specialize in the most popular brands like:

  • Tractel®
  • SkyClimber
  • SkyMan
  • BetaMax
  • All Seasons
  • Kenco
  • Reimann & Georger (R&G)

Here is a complete list of equipment we service:

  • All Seasons Electric
  • All Seasons Gas
  • All Seasons Winch
  • Alpha 1000
  • Astro Motor
  • Betamax LEO 1 Phase
  • Betamax LEO 3 Phase
  • Betamax LEO 3 XXL
  • Betamax LEO 3 XXL 1 Phase w/ bsb
  • Betamax Gemini 110V
  • Betamax Gemini 220V
  • Betamax B50.8S
  • Betamax Scorpio Plus
  • Betamax Scorpio Plus XL
  • BisoMac
  • Kenco Hoist
  • Patriot 1000
  • Pendant Control for Betamax
  • Pendant Control for Tirak
  • R&G PowerUnit - Electric
  • R&G PowerUnit - Gas
  • R&G Winch
  • R&G Winch HD
  • SAFWAY LE 501 SW
  • Slyclimber Compact 750
  • Skyclimber Compact 1000
  • Skyclimber Compact 1250
  • Skyclimber Compact 1500
  • Skyclimber SKYLOCK
  • SATURN LE 501 SW
  • Stinger
  • Tractel LE501
  • Tractel LE 501 SW
  • Tractel LE 701 SW
  • Tractel TE 401P
  • Tractel XE301
  • Tractel XE500
  • Tractel XE501
  • Tractel XE600
  • Tractel XE700
  • Tractel XNE500 and XNE700
  • Tractel XNED500 and XNED700 (with Dual Reelers)
  • TU-17
  • Zmac 1000


Swing Staging has a staff of 12 trained and certified motor and scaffolding mechanics. We stock parts for most of the brands we offer plus quick turnaround for motor repairs and replacement. Give us a call at (718) 361-2861 or click here to contact us.

Rigging / De-Rigging Jobs

Rely on us to rig or de-rig suspended or hanging scaffolding equipment. We employ some of the best licensed rigging professionals in the country. Rigging installs or de-rigging, we perform the task safely and efficiently. Engineering drawing and filing of permits services also available. Call us for a quote: (718) 361-2861.

Safety Inspections / Local Law 11 Inspections

By request, Swing Staging can routinely conduct safety inspections on all your installations and provide timely and accurate inspection reports. Call us for a quote and/or to arrange a site visit: (718) 361-2861.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Need our assistance in an emergency? Just call (718) 361-2861 and leave a voicemail. We respond quickly to every customer call 24/7. Applicable charges apply.

Only the Best Service

We are Swing Staging.  No one comes close.