SafRise Climber in Westchester County

Swing Staging just finished installing another Safrise Climber in New York. This time, it's at the City Center in White Plains in Westchester County. Our client needed a stable platform to replace the heavy glass panels on the façade of the mall. They also needed to span 95-feet wide and go up 105-feet up on the wall. The Safway Safrise Climber was the perfect choice. Not only was it capable of the heavy loads, with a dual mast option, the span of 95-feet was not a problem. It also took the Swing Staging crew a short period of time to put up the Safway Safrise Climber.

The Safrise Climbers are proven workhorses for façade restoration projects involving heavy loads like masonry and glass work. Swing Staging has a fleet of Safrise Climbers for immediate deployment for heavy-duty jobs. The benefits and savings of using the Safrise Climbers on these jobs are phenomenal.

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