Swing Staging and Employees participate in NY Cares Winter Wishes Program

This year, Swing Staging and volunteer employees participated in the NY Cares Winter Wishes program. It's a program where kids, teens and seniors write letters to sponsors for their winter wish. In return, the sponsors try to grant that winter wish by giving the gift they want.

New York Cares, the organizers of the program, is an organization that provides for volunteer opportunities. One of the programs they have is this Winter Wished program among many other programs. This year, almost 40,000 children, teens and seniors from marginalized communities wrote about their wishes for this winter. Most of the kids asked for toys and some other treat. Swing Staging and volunteer employees sponsored gifts for a total of 44 special needs children and granted their Winter Wishes who mostly wanted some form of Nerf toys. It was a stunning success as everyone wrapped their gifts during one lunchtime last week. Not only did the sponsors felt blessed with this program but felt much closer to one another supporting this cause as a team. Next year, Swing Staging and more volunteer employees would like to sponsor no less than 50 winter wishers and grant their winter wishes!

The project was spearheaded by Kate Mack, Legal Counsel and Andy Smith, General Manager.

Happy holidays everyone!