Chain Falls and Chain Hoists
As gear and equipment that are used primarily for rigging and in materials handling, chain falls and chain hoists are used extensively in the construction and manufacturing industries. Hoists and falls are most commonly used to lift extremely heavy items such as engines, a relatively short distance, mostly at a height of 8-feet and under. These hoists are primarily for use indoors. However, other hoists may have a lifting height of 20-feet or greater. These are ideal for hauling equipment, supplies and machinery to a higher storey jobsite. The falls and hoists can be manually operated, but generally these are powered by motors. Both offer the same lifting capacities, usually between 500-lbs. to over 12-tons.
Chain hoists are portable and used for lifting machines and engines in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Workshops: lifting and handling of machines and equipment.
  • Construction: lifting and positioning of building materials.
  • Extensively used throughout the shipbuilding industry.
  • Used in the assembly of vehicles including transportation and farm equipment.

Hoists and chain falls are also used in specific locations such as:

  • Automotive Repair Shops: to remove and to replace engines and chassis.
  • Theatres and concert halls: lifting and suspension of scenery and lifting systems.
  • Factories: lifting, handling, and positioning of materials, products, machines, and equipment.