Regardless of the load bearing capacity of your scaffold platform, its motor must be able to handle that weight plus the variables imposed by wind, rain, snow and even concussion from the possible impact with the building under construction or repair. Scaffold hoists are a versatile piece of lifting equipment, and Swing Staging carries a range of high quality lifting and materials handling equipment.
Swing Staging carries both electric and air-powered scaffolding hoists.
Air or Electric Powered Scaffolding Motors - Your Choice
Swing Staging stocks the scaffold motor (also known as a “hoist”) that every job requires. We carry all the major brands of scaffolding motors. Here is a selection:

  • Spider® SC1000 and SC1500 series
  • Tractel® Tirak® Air and Electric series
  • SkyClimber Air and Electric series
  • The new Skyclimber LNX Electric series
  • Safway® Saturn Electric hoists
  • Nihon Bisoh Bisomac 210 and 210L
  • Ohio Air Hoists
Suspended Scaffolding Motors