A suspended scaffold is a common sight for urban drivers and pedestrians. These are supported by roof-mounted support/suspension structures that will withstand wind as well as the weight of the scaffolding cargo, be it personnel or materials. Also known as outrigger systems, Swing Staging carries several different types of these systems.
Swing Staging offers several of the best suspended scaffolding outrigger systems in the industry: the Winsafe Outrigger Beams System, Sky Climber Outrigger Beams System, Tractel® Delta Rolling Beam System and our own Triangular Rolling Roof Outriggers Systems that support between 1,500 to 2,000 lbs.
Two-point adjustable suspension scaffolds, also known as swing-stage scaffolds, are perhaps the most common type of suspended scaffold. These are hung by ropes or cables connected to stirrups at each end of the platform. Typically these are used by façade restoration companies however these are also utilized in high-rise construction as well.

Suspended Scaffolding Outrigger Systems