There are eight common types of suspended scaffolds. Two-point, fully adjustable swing stage scaffolds, also known as suspension scaffolds, are the most popular type of suspended scaffolding. These are supported by cables connected to stirrups (hangers) at each end of the platform. They are additionally equipped with an electrical motor to permit the platform to be raised and lowered as needed. Typically used by facade restoration companies on high-rise buildings these platforms are integral to moving personnel and building materials for construction as well.

Swing Staging rents and sells a wide variety of scaffold platforms to choose from. We have modular (from 5 to 60 feet) and fixed length (from 5 to 40 feet) platforms. These modular scaffolding can be assembled in multiple configurations including arcs, semi-circle and corners (both inside and outside). We have everything your project or work site requires: outrigger beams, brackets, poles, legs, uprights, posts, frames and additional rigid, OSHA-compliant support systems.

Suspended Scaffolding Platforms