Safway QuikDeck® System

The QuikDeck® Suspended Access System offers the advantage of safely working on an open, modular platform. With basic components and a flexible composition, QuikDeck®'s patented configuration can adapt to fit almost any shape or size. The deck system is strong and depending on configuration and suspender spacing, its load capacity can range from 24 psf to 75 psf. It is built to last, as well. All its structural steel components are hot-dipped galvanized to sustain full load ratings and have a long service life. Another feature of the Safway QuikDeck® System that our clients appreciate is the unique access system, which gets its strength from structural steel members, not wire roping as with some systems.

As a member of the Safway family, user safety is Swing Stagings #1 concern. To ensure crew safety, we provide engineering services that include training on the erection and dismantle of the QuikDeck® as well as a complete turnkey option with engineering drawings and delivery options. For additional safety the QuikDeck® Suspended Access System meets or exceeds federal safety and health requirements and has a 4-to-1 safety factor.

This suspended access system features the following components:

  • Load bearing joists
  • Joist and suspension connection nodes
  • Connector pins
  • Deck panel supports
  • Beam clamps to connect the platform to the structure
  • Platform suspending chain
  • Plywood decking work surface
  • Guard rails and toe boards for safety

The Safway QuikDeck® System is the Specialized Scaffolding of Choice

Here are some of the recommended applications:


New construction, structural rehabilitation, painting, maintenance and repair

Offshore Applications

Under platform painting and pipe racks

Shipyard Applications

Interior and exterior painting and maintenance


HVAC Installations, lighting and painting

Temporary Stages

Concerts and events and pedestrian walkways


Construction and maintenance


Pipe rackage, painting and repair

Swing Staging's mission is to provide the best and safest high-quality, scaffolding products to the construction industry. Our rigs are OSHA-compliant and all electrical components are UL-approved. Contact our knowledgeable staff to discuss your suspended scaffolding requirements at (718) 361-2861. If you have questions regarding the Safway QuikDeck® System, scaffolds, or scaffolding rentals, purchases, or installations, please give us a call.