Sky Climber's MKD Modular Work Cages


Obtaining access for personnel and materials in very tight spaces, such as boiler repair work, can be facilitated using MKD Modular Work Cages from Sky Climber®.

MKD modular work cages from Sky Climber® are lightweight because the cage itself is constructed from aluminum. Its attached wheels allow for easy transfer from the truck to the work site. No tools are required for assembly or for its use.

The work cage is a modified version of Sky Climber®'s MKD Modular Platform. It uses the MKD platform's extension structure floor, extension structure guardrail, and walk-through stirrup assembly. It is specifically designed to fit through an 18 inch opening.

The MKD Modular Work

Cages' Load Ratings

Size Part No Load Rating Weight*

1 meter (3.25 ft.) L x 28" W 368000-LMW01 1250 lbs. 299 lbs

2 meter (6.5 ft.) L x 28" W 368000-LMW02 1250 lbs. 365 lbs

*Without hoist

In the Sky Climber® manual you'll find valuable information about modular work cages. The manual is also available on the online resources page of our website.

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