Sky Stage Ultra Platform Accessories

Skyclimber, a leading name in platform scaffolding for personnel and materials, manufactures an extensive line of platform accessories to facilitate additional tasks that may be performed using this versatile scaffolding. Swing Staging carries the complete line of Sky Stage Ultra Platform Accessories to enable maximum efficiency from this versatile scaffolding. We offer:

  • Telescoping post
  • End stirrup
  • Wet rollers
  • Walk-by stirrup
  • Walk-in stirrup
  • Adjustable corners
  • Horizontal hinges
  • Work cages- various sizes

Popular Sky Stage Ultra

Platform Accessories



Among the most popular platform accessories are the end, walk-through and walk-by stirrups. End stirrups are used at the ends of the platform, usually to provide a secure and stable mount for the hoists. Walk-through stirrups are used when the length of the entire suspended platform exceeds the length between the hoists.

Adjustable Corners

Platforms follow the lines of the building, which generally is linear. Platforms appear to hug structures to enable workers close access to windows and the exterior surfaces without coming into direct contact with the structure. However, some buildings are curvilinear and working on these requires suspended platforms with corner sections that precisely follow the contours of the structure.

Telescoping Post

These are used as part of adjustable scaffolding that may be extended or contracted to fit a range of tasks.

Work Cages

Generally used as fall prevention systems, scaffold work cages protect jobsite personnel from falls, falling objects, possible structural instability, electrocution and overloading. Work cages are mandated by OSHA under certain work conditions that involve scaffolding.

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