Skyclimber SkyStage Ultra Platform

Sky Climber designs, manufactures and distributes suspended access equipment used for industrial and commercial construction and maintenance applications. They are known for their superior quality and innovative suspended access products.

The Sky Stage Ultra Boiler Platform is one of these innovations. Previously, maintenance and inspection work in boilers, digesters, silos and other high or tight spaces required extensive and expensive set-up and take downs. Sky Climber' s Sky Stage Ultra Boiler platform provides an easy, fast, modular way to access those small, hard to reach places to install a full-size work platform. Its components fold to fit through openings as small as an 18” diameter. This saves money while providing optimal worker safety.

The Ultra Boiler Platform eliminates high labor and erection costs for stack scaffolding. The Sky Stage Ultra works inside hard to reach places. Savings are realized as it will no longer require contracting workers to install and later remove the boiler platform. The 20-foot platform can easily be installed in about 20 minutes. Sky Climber offers application and safety training at your jobsite to ensure the platform will be handled and installed safely.

Sky Climber's Sky Stage Ultra Boiler Platform Folds to Fit:

  • Will fit through openings as small as an 18” diameter
  • Transport a 40 foot platform (or larger) in the bed of your pickup truck
  • For greater versatility, use standard boiler end stirrups or floating/moveable stirrups
  • Components unfold to provide full-size platform and performance
  • Workers can set up a 20, 30, or 40 foot platform in 20 minutes
  • Load capacity to 1000 lbs.
  • Adjustable hand rails add versatility
  • Telescoping posts allow repositioning of hand rails
  • Available in work cages in various sizes
  • Meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards
  • UL Classified


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