Skyclimber SkyStage Ultra Platform Parts

Skyclimber designs and manufactures some of the best platform scaffolding, including their Skyclimber SkyStage Ultra Platform. This versatile scaffold will provide years of reliable service and its working life can be extended by using genuine Skyclimber replacement parts. Swing Staging carries the full line of Skyclimber SkyStage Ultra platform parts. Our inventory includes:

  • Side panels
  • Top rails and pins
  • Connecting frames
  • Roller bumpers
  • Floor decks
  • End gates
  • Connecting frames
  • Caster assemblies

Popular Sky Stage Ultra

Platform Parts Include:

Side Panels

Side panels are used in conjunction with end stirrups to support loads safely. These are made from sturdy aluminum, are available in assorted lengths, and are OSHA-compliant.

Wall Rollers

Wall rollers, also known as roller bumpers, ensure that your scaffold does not come into direct contact with the structure itself. While only 10 lbs., wall rollers prevent structural damage as well as damage to the platform.

Floor Decks

By varying the decking, supplies and materials can readily be conveyed to rooftops or higher floors. Also when carrying personnel and their tools, deck floor panels ensure that smaller items will not be lost.

End Gates

Under certain applications, OSHA mandates the use of end gates on scaffolding. Intended for the protection of both personnel transported or suspended on the platform, as well as for those on the ground below the platform. End gates prevent personnel, supplies, and/or materials from falling to the ground.

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Our customers matter! We carry the complete line of Skyclimber SkyStage Ultra platform parts and will be glad to advise and make recommendations. If you are looking to place an order, rent equipment, or even inquire about existing accounts with us, contact us so that we may serve you. We’re here to fulfill your scaffolding requirements quickly and are competitively priced. Give us a call at (718) 361-2861, email us by clicking here, or request a quote.

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